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Frédéric Cerulli

Behind moovies there is always a story, beautiful encounters … In 2001, Frédéric just returned from filming, carying  his 35 millimeters reel under his arm, when he proposed to Thomas Gauthier, editing table never far from the eyes, to become his film editor.

The short movie, finally a public success, strengthened their desire of cinéma. A few dozen screenplays and three feature films later, they founded in 2018 Studio Media Prestige with the ambition to explore ever further the endless possibilities of the Camera obscura.

Since video has become an everyday object of mass consumption, we have adopted the new digital tools, because of the freedom and the speed gain they provide, but with Studio Media Prestige, we refuse to abandon emotion to banality, because we are convinced that there will always be in every spectator the desire to reconnect with the magic of cinema …

Thomas Gauthier


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