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Help, long métrage de Frédéric Cerulli.


A woman disappears in an isolated valley, the investigation has never been resolved. His two brothers look for the murderer, crossing forests and summits with the thirst for revenge. Until this new testimony that reopens the case. As disappearances multiply, investigators are pursuing the new option that get lost lost in the heart of the forest. In this hunt, only the first to arrive will have a chance …

Patrice LeconteI liked the movie because, right from the beggining, the quality of the shots, the direction, the photography and the soundtrack, it is catchy. Formally, it is very successful, drone plans are effective, natural light is controlled, the region is beautiful. The story is fascinating, we believe in it. ” Regards, Patrice Leconte.


Help describe the implacable mechanics of a cold killer, unfortunately it is a societal phenomenon. Frédéric Cerulli was one of the first journalists and cameraman to arrive on the Promenade des Anglais, a few minutes after the attack on July 14, 2016, having to film and report an indescribable horror.

The facts have been described by the media worldwide but almost two years later, the amazement and misunderstanding of such a trauma remain, both on the side of the victims, the rescuers, than the population. Frédéric Cerulli has in Help explored the intimate, emotional part linked to such acts.

It is not only the figure of the terrorist or the Serial Killer in question, but the possibility with fiction to say something other than the “objective” journalistic narrative. Frédéric Cerulli, confronted daily camera with the fist with the news has sought to express the complexity.

Hooked on the morbid soap opera Nordahl Lelandais crimes, France is revolted. Behind this sentiment, Frédéric Cerulli, proposes in his film Help a mirror with facets, with what there is confusion, voyeurism, sometimes of attraction to each spectator in our reports to the various facts and the terror.

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Help is the third feature film by Frédéric Cerulli, after Le thanato (2011) and Inavouables (2013). He directed the actors Gérard Meylan, Chantal Lauby, Jacques Weber

In addition to his career as a filmmaker, Frédéric Cerulli also travels the world as Reporter. He covers the news for television, for France 2, France 3, Arte, Canal Plus, Tf1, Fox. He co-directs two 26-minutes documentaries on the attacks of 14 July, broadcast on France 3 national..

« A crush, I loved his way of working. He is one with his camera, he surprises me by his originality, he is a great director with a lot of sensitivity. » Chantal Lauby

« he is dynamic, precise. Fred has an innate talent that actors feel, an absolute determination. He is a cinema fanatic with a high level of love for this job, so we want to work with him, he is very talented. » Jacques Weber


« Frédéric Cerulli has this humanity that binds you forever, I therefore say yes to his cinema. He has the magnetism of the leaders, he is a great director of actors. Thanato is one of my four favorite movies. » Gérard Meylan.

Feature films in preparation : Le rêve de Pablo, with Tcheky Karyo, Bruno Putzulu. Le printemps de Meryl, with Ariane Ascaride, Olivier Marchal.

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