Interview of Frédéric Cerulli on France 3 by Jacqueline Pozzi during the release of the feature film INAVOUABLES at the cinema on June 26, 2013.

The actor Gérard Meylan and the director Frédéric Cerulli are invited by Frédéric Soulié in the show Talents to promote their feature film “Le thanato”, may 2011.

Live interview in front of the Theater Les Arcades (Cannes) by France 3 broadcasted on January 24, 2011 for the release of Le Thanato, directed by Frédéric Cerulli, with Gérard Meylan and Chantal Lauby..

By France 3, broadcasted in january 25, 2011 for the release of the film Le Thanato.

7 minutes with… Muriel Gensse invites the director Frédéric Cerulli for an intimate portrait.
Broadcasted june,6 2008 on France 3 PACA – Archive of INA